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Have my 6 in The Bass Boys but happy to have more!

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I have 5 in already for 2012 for The Bass Boys. I need 1 more person to sign up for 2012 to have my minimum of 6 members. The more members we get in before 12/31/2011, the better we can improve TBF of Michigan. I intend to help some more from this point on to improve things.

I'll have more information after the 11/6/2011 general TBF of Michigan meeting 1pm at Bass Pro Shops in Auburn Hills. In the meantime, join please. We need to be united to keep improving things for everyone and make sure we don't go backwards in our bass fishing and the environment.

Check out for information on how to join.

I just sent Payment. 

Thank you for organizing this club for us.  I really appreciate it. 

Thank you and you are welcome. Up to 6 now. Maybe 7 tomorrow. I'd like to get everyone signed up this year before 12/31/2011 to get TBF as much operating money as possible. One of the best ways to help things improve.

Team houston:
Dan, remind me, am I in or do I need to do something?

Dan, how much are the dues?

Does that give the members opportunity to fish the state tourneys?


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