Bassmaster Michigan


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[1] Need clean-up volunteers for the Lake St. Clair Bassmaster AOY tournament

[2] Who's heading to the Lake St. Clair Bassmaster Elites in August?

[3] Pipkens and JVD make the finals! VIDEO

[4] Chad Pipkens in 5th on day 2 Lake St. Clair VIDEO

[5] Half way through the live weigh in Bassmasters in Escanaba

[6] Come on Chad Pipkens weighing now for the Bassmaster St. Clair final

[7] Chad Pipkens is 2015 Bassmaster Classic Bound with Lake St. Clair Victory!

[8] Ben Nielsen is weighing in right now at BPS Bassmaster Northern Open

[9] Bassmaster Northern Open coming up soon on Lake St. Clair


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