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Title: About The Job Help Message Board
Post by: djkimmel on March 28, 2010, 10:18:05 PM
I don't know what this section can accomplish, but I do want to help anyone who needs help in this tough and changing economy in whatever I can. If there's a chance the growing numbers of people who visit can make a difference once in a while, I'm willing to make a place for it.

If you need a job and feel comfortable posting about it, post in this section. I suggest you mention the region you are looking in, how far you can travel, the kind(s) of work you are looking for, maybe the hours / shift you prefer. Whatever might help someone who might know about available jobs.

Please, if you have jobs available or know about job openings and feel comfortable posting about, please do so. It may help a fellow member out. Maybe mention the type of job, job requirement summaries, where the job is located, company and/or how someone can inquire about the job or even apply. Whatever might help someone who is looking know if it is a possible and feasible opportunity.

Job seeker, if you are fortunate to find a job whether through here or not, please add to your post that you are no longer looking.

Please remember there are no guarantees here and no promises other than we will try to help and hope we help. Good luck and thanks for being a member.