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Title: micro guides!
Post by: thedude on March 16, 2009, 10:17:33 AM
This is an interesting new trend in rod building that i thought i would post up some info on. Its a really cool idea and pretty amazing cost savings when you look at the benefits. Micro guides are just that - ultra small single-foot guides. Average smallest guide on a factory rod will be a size 5 or more likely a size 6. micros go down to 2 or 3! Here's a pic i took to show the difference

There are some performance benefits to using the smaller rings. First off, they weigh next to nothing - even lighter than recoils. The small, low frames make them near impossible to bend and better yet.. they cost a whopping 1$ a guide for a quality brand.
On spinning outfits, the preliminary information coming out of the rod building community is showing that these things will enhance casting distances - especially with braid and other ultra-limp lines. Due mostly in part to how quickly the ring sizes taper (sz 10, sz 8, sz 6, sz 3.... tip) which tames the wave-lake pattern line takes the form of when it leaves a spinning reel.
The only downside that i can find is if you are intending to use heavy line - 20lb or so - or using braid with a long leader where the knot will have to pass through the eyes. On most 12lb or lighter diameter lines i don't see this as being and issue. A size 3 is so tiny though, on thick lines, i could see it causing and issue.
Title: Re: micro guides!
Post by: canvsbk on March 24, 2009, 07:43:40 PM
I've looked in Mudhole's catalog and of course Netcraft's but I can't seem to find micro's anywhere........ ??? ???
Title: Re: micro guides!
Post by: thedude on March 25, 2009, 05:55:40 PM
mudhole might have the fuji alconites which are sz4s. The ones pictured are batsons i got from swampland tackle. also carries them although i don't think they are on his site.
Title: Re: micro guides!
Post by: BryanP on March 26, 2009, 11:27:34 AM
Netcraft has the Fuji Alconite 4's which are the same size as the Batson 3's.
Title: Re: micro guides!
Post by: Mike Nolan on December 25, 2009, 07:50:28 AM
One thing about the micro guides is they have very small feet and you definitely want to use a locking wrap if you try them so they won't pull out.  I have found micro-guides (specifically Alconite #4's) actually seem to bend more than traditional size guides.  >:( They are lighter than traditional sized guides.  ;D The guy that told me about them claims he can notice an increase in casting distance but I don't know if I can. ???  I haven't used them in cold weather but I would assume you would have more of a problem with icing up and if you're getting older and your eyes are giving you problems seeing close up, threading line through the micros is tougher.