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Title: paper clubs
Post by: chase5004 on September 23, 2008, 09:33:21 PM
I think I have a understanding of what a paper club is, but could someone explain a paper club to me just so I am on the right page. Are there dues? Do both the TBF and Federation Nation have paper clubs? What are the benefits of paper clubs compared to non-paper clubs?

Title: Re: paper clubs
Post by: TritonTR20 on September 24, 2008, 08:11:30 AM
Paper clubs are formed just to be eligable to fish the federation tournements on both sides. You put 8 guys together and deceide who is the boaters, pay you dues and go. No quallifying from within the club, no other federation involvement. Personally I'm not fond of paper clubs. Our club has 12 tournements a year to quallify to go to the federation, you have to work for it. We also support the federation in many other ways, like casting kids compititions. Too bad more clubs are not involved instead of being a club put together just to make the state teams.
Title: Re: paper clubs
Post by: djkimmel on October 02, 2008, 12:32:46 AM
I've been in paper clubs for some time. I've been in regular clubs. I like both. I just don't have the time to participate in a bunch of club activities, but that doesn't mean I (or anyone else) can't still help out in many ways. I am very glad there are still regular clubs too and I try to steer new members to them whenever possible for the learning and growing experience.

I don't have a problem considering additional rewards to clubs that do organized things to help in the important areas if we can figure out how to do it. Anything we can reasonably do to assist and promote these important activities is worthwhile. Still, I don't support getting completely rid of 'paper' clubs. I'll take as many members as I can get.

Numbers are also very important to critical issues and our future. Sometimes, there's not a clear a line in what is a paper club and what isn't. I've been in paper clubs with a lot of very active members in the past who did many great things, just not as a club.