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Title: Les Cheneaux Islands Area
Post by: blakstr1 on February 20, 2006, 08:27:44 AM
I believe there was a state fish-off here a few years ago, has anybody fished these northern waters in the last couple years ???..maybe around Mackinaw Island? How about in the past, I imagine they were good..

just curious.. ???
Title: Re: Les Cheneaux Islands Area
Post by: Andy on February 20, 2006, 08:38:52 PM
Ya I remmber that one. That was quite a few years back  :-\' When I was there the fishing very much sucked I did fish the Island but know luck. The fish that I got into were across the bay by Mackinaw I think. There is a river that comes in there and I got fish going in there on weed patches. That all I can remmber. The river had a lock if that helps.
Title: Re: Les Cheneaux Islands Area
Post by: djkimmel on February 20, 2006, 11:30:57 PM
Sounds a little like the Cheboygan River.

Haven't fished Les Chen. since that event. I only found a few spots and the boats were swarming on each other. It's a huge vast area with a ton of dead water. There's some big ones when you find them in a small area.
Title: Re: Les Cheneaux Islands Area
Post by: CuradoKev on May 14, 2006, 10:58:08 PM
The Les Cheneaux Islands = heaven on earth  ;D

I've been going to Hessel,MI every summer since I was 1 (about 33 years now). Anyways, fished for pike all those years and then I got into bass fishing around 12 years ago. There are a TON of smallies right around all the docks at Hessel and east to Hessel Bay. My folks go up every year from mid-July to August, the locals that bass fish (not many do) gave up on 5lb'ers. Those were too easy. The  6-7 lb'ers are now considered trophys.

There are 3 entrances into the islands: West Entrance goes into were Hessel is. Middle Entrance takes you to Cedarville and East entrance is Drummond Island.

The guys from the BFL with the big jewels will cross the straits into this area. If I was a boater I would spend Tue/Wed in the islands practicing and run it. However, I'm not sure you can run Mullet to the straits ?? I think it is around 26 miles from Mullet exit to Middle entrance frm my google earth estimate. Could be a helluva ride back but 6 foot swells have to be easier then the Erie chop  ;D

If you are SERIOUS about going, email me (curadokev at yahoo dot com) and I'll tell you what I know.

Title: Re: Les Cheneaux Islands Area
Post by: djkimmel on May 15, 2006, 12:18:37 AM
I made the run into Mullett Lake from Les Cheneaux Islands the first day of that definitely unique state championship. I wish I knew now about Mullett what I didn't know then, but live and learn. It was time-consuming because of the long no-wake and the lock, and we did have some real rough seas running across. Not a lot of fishing time left, but it could and should have paid off big.

At the time, the islands basically had two spots - near Hessel and near Cedarville. Everyone piled in on each other in two huge coffee clatches. It could be different in this case because only a few will probably attempt the run (if any).

If you go to the islands on your own, be aware that there are a zillion acres of promising looking water and only about 10 acres hold a lot of smallies (maybe) based on our previous experience. Maybe Kev could help someone add some acres to that figure. You also want to confirm the MDNR will have the lock staffed when you leave and come back, even if you are just going out in to Horton Bay.
Title: Re: Les Cheneaux Islands Area
Post by: canvsbk on May 15, 2006, 06:24:49 AM
This thread confirms what I already surmised: you guys are as crazy as me!
Quite a run you're talking about here........
Title: Re: Les Cheneaux Islands Area
Post by: CuradoKev on May 15, 2006, 07:43:57 AM
What I do know ...Maybe not much...

Since I've spent the summer in Hessel...I will tell you this...Due to water dropping in last 5 years, Hessel has the smallies all around any docks in front of hessel and all docks down to the East into Hessel Bay. Also, as run east into Hessel bay there are little "cuts" into "rice/reed" fiels were it gets to be 5-6 foots of shallows. The cuts are to your left just before you get to the channel which runs east to midddle entrance and then Cedarville. The water has constant current through those fields and smalllies cruise all over. I will guarantee you it is ALOT better fishing that it was when the federation was there.

In the middle entrance, there is a shallow bay called "Duck Bay" (all the way back on your left (west) going back in Middle entrance) and there is a very deep hole on other side of the island in that bay. Senkos, senkos and did I say senkos - LOL

That's not much but if you run it, 20 lbs should be fair game if not 22-24 if you got some good ones. Of course, if smallies on beds I guess you can get that much form Burt/Mullet ?? I don't know, never been on Burt/Mullet.

Title: Re: Les Cheneaux Islands Area
Post by: djkimmel on May 15, 2006, 01:30:20 PM
I imagine the water drop has changed things in the Islands. Always good to get some interesting fishing info about any area. I would not be surprised if someone makes the run, but yes, there will be some huge bags out of Burt and Mullett too.

The last big spawn tournament a couple seasons ago saw 26+ winning, with 21+ I think to get in the money. Something like 40 teams had over 19 pounds. It could be an excellent weigh in, but as canvsbk pointed out, we are all a little crazy, so it's good to have options.