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Title: 2010 Michigan DNR Ramp Permit Required Lakes List
Post by: djkimmel on December 19, 2007, 08:48:22 PM
UPDATE 11/10/09 djk: The MDNR is working on a change to the tournament permitting (land use) process for 2010 so things are in a little bit of a flux right now. They are asking that you still request a permit for your events without sending any money in UNLESS your event is 50 boats or larger. You can be put on a calendar as an FYI to other groups for any MDNR access site. See the post on the MDNR tournament permit requests for 2008 - Info Links ( for further details.

This is the complete list to the best of my knowledge of Michigan DNR public access ramps that require a tournament permit. Rules and regs follow. Permit requests can be turned in as of November 1, 2007 so if you haven't done so, get yours' in - first come, first serve.

List is by County, by Water with contact information:

CountyBody of Water/RampNumberAdmin.Phone #     E-mail
BerrienPaw Paw West11-001Allegan(269)
CassCorey14-004Warren Dunes(269)
CassDiamond14-006Warren Dunes(269)
CassFish14-001Warren Dunes(269)
CassParadise14-005Warren Dunes(269)
JacksonMichigan Center38-001Jackson/Waterloo(734)
KalamazooBarton39-001Warren Dunes(269)
KalamazooEagle39-006Warren Dunes(269)
KalamazooLong (Portage)39-003Allegan(269)
KalamazooSugar Loaf39-011Warren Dunes(269)
LivingstonChemung47-001Island Lake(810)
LivingstonWhitmore47-004Island Lake(810)
LivingstonWoodland47-003Island Lake(810)
MacombCRCO50-006Mount Clemens(586)
MacombHarley  Ensign50-001Mount Clemens(586)
MacombSelfridge50-003Mount Clemens(586)
MonroeBolles Harbor58-010Sterling(734)
MonroeSterling St. Park58-008Sterling(734)
St. JosephKlinger75-002Warren Dunes(269)
St. JosephLong75-010Warren Dunes(269)
St. JosephPalmer75-008Warren Dunes(269)
St. JosephPleasant75-001Warren Dunes(269)
St. JosephPortage75-017Warren Dunes(269)
Van BurenBankson80-026Warren Dunes(269)
Van BurenLake of the Woods80-017Warren Dunes(269)
Van BurenSaddle80-004Allegan(269)
WashtenawHalf Moon81-002Pinckney RA(734)
WashtenawPortage81-020Pinckney RA(734)
Title: Re: 2010 Michigan DNR Ramp Permit Required Lakes List
Post by: djkimmel on February 14, 2018, 10:43:57 AM
I thought we had done away with the need for permits due to the creation of the mandatory bass tournament registration on the Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System (, but a few in the MDNR Parks Division still think they need permits, at least on some ramps for some events.

This came up at the latest MDNR Fisheries Division Warmwater Resources Steering Committee meeting last Monday. Parks Division is creating some information on when and why they still need a 'permit.' It may be limited to events of a certain threshold size and/or events that need special services/equipment/utilities, etc. I'll pass on some information once I have it. I'll try to keep it reasonable if possible.