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Title: Nearing the end
Post by: TheFishinPollock on November 28, 2015, 08:53:29 AM
 Let me tell ya a story.(its a little slow)
        Its the last weekend and well, hunting sucked for me. Again. For the 11th season........... Its not over but it sure is close.  So far I have seen and passed about a doz doe's. Its not time yet for those. There is a late 2 week doe season here in Dec.  There is a 9 day muzzy season that ya get lucky with a buck sometimes.
  As for the reg season, you could say I've had a drought.   11 years no buck, 7 of those I didn't see a buck, 5 of those I never got a deer at all. My contribution to helping the herd grow....
This year , I blew it.    Sitting in the truck warming up, gun cased,bolt out, in the back seat and all legal like. I had just got to the parking spot. Buddie looks up at a 8 point standing on a ridge above us about 30 yards away. Then I notice it. That's when the Chinese firedrill ensues. Turn off the truck all smooth like, hop out. Got to pull the case out, damm thing gets caught on not only the safety belt but a strap from my backpack.... Mass confusion now. I get it open, yank out the bolt, drop it in the gun. Of course it won't seat... Finally get it in and slap the clip in. All the while he's telling me where its walking too. Course I can't pick it up in the scope. The power it too high. I back out of it, readjust the power, finally see the deer as it is crossing the 2 track. See a beautiful broadside shot, for a second as he slowly trotts off into the woods. All the while I'm thinking"yell at him to make him stop". Of course somewhere between my brain and my mouth, there was an intruption...

And that is how it has been , all season.....
Title: Re: Nearing the end
Post by: djkimmel on December 12, 2015, 05:33:15 PM
Congratulations...!!! Yer human ;D