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Title: Please Read First - Simple Guidelines and Rules for Clapper's Corner
Post by: djkimmel on July 19, 2007, 01:42:41 PM
Some Simple Guidelines and Rules for Clapper's Corner
Steve Clapper is a very busy bass tournament angler from Lima Ohio. I feel extremely fortunate that he has signed on as a member on, and spends some time reading what you all have to say. He is one of the nicest guys in the industry, but his busy schedule - busy before his FLW Tour victory - crazy now - makes it impossible for him to peronsally respond to all the phone calls, email or private messages he gets.

Clapper's Corner will have reports on Steve and his fishing adventures, AND also include first hand narrative from Steve. We can all benefit from and find a great deal of entertainment reading about an angler with Steve's experience and expertise in so many areas of tournament success.

The simple rules/guidelines are that you please not email or PM Steve regarding these posts. He will quickly get inundated with more requests than he can handle, and being the kind of person he is, I don't want to be reponsible for any problems or concerns. The goal is to keep the exceptional access to great information that Steve is offering to all of us.

If you have questions, you may post them in the Clapper's Corner section, but again, due to his schedule, please do not feel bad if you don't get a response. I will manage the Pro's Pond section and once in a while, there may be an opportunity to get a response from Steve as time permits. Not getting an answer or a reply should not reflect on you or on Steve. This is just the realities of time available to a person who is very competitive and very much in demand.

Thanks for your understanding. Now, please enjoy!