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Title: Citizens for Wildlife Conservation needs your help
Post by: djkimmel on January 28, 2006, 09:48:40 PM
I've received several contacts with a new group (made up of many longterm existing groups) - Citizens for Wildlife Conservation. They have been formed to combat anti-hunting and anti-fishing efforts from groups like PETA.

They are in the middle of a campaign to fight against the anti-hunting referendum we will be faced with this November 7th on our Michigan ballots. From their campaign brochure:

"Hunters, fishermen, trappers, farmers, wildlife biologists, scientists, and others who reject animal rights have joined together to fight back under one banner ? Citizens for Wildlife Conservation.

Citizens for Wildlife Conservation is the official organization established to defeat the anti's. It is a coalition of concerned sportsmen and others for action in each of Michigan?s 75 counties. The goal of Citizens for Wildlife Conservation is to raise $3.2 million to defeat the anti-hunters? attempt to bring their animal rights crusade to Michigan. The money will be used to purchase advertising designed to educate Michigan voters as to the serious threat posed by the anti-dove hunting issue.

Among the leaders of the campaign are the top pro-hunting organizations in the United States and in Michigan. The Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Michigan Bear Hunters Association and the Michigan Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation have joined forces with thNational Rifle Association, Safari Club International and the U.S. Sportsmen?s Alliance."

I imagine some of you hunt, but regardless, we need to support any outdoors activity that is legal and under attack because it is simply the plan of the anti's to take our pastime away from us one piece at a time. Every time they win, they get more powerful and their evil and misguided goals become a little easier.

Please consider helping out this group with time, money and/or a little effort, at least education and talking to your friends and neighbors about this issue.

Both of these documents are Adobe pdf so you need reader installed to open them.
This is a brochure ( you can pass out or use yourself for this issue.

This is a donation ( form you can also use if you want to provide monetary support.
Title: Re: Citizens for Wildlife Conservation needs your help
Post by: djkimmel on January 29, 2006, 06:39:20 PM
Forgot to include the web site for this specific issue:
Title: Re: Citizens for Wildlife Conservation needs your help
Post by: djkimmel on January 30, 2006, 12:49:31 AM
I should have brochures on this issue at the Feb 5 federation president's meeting to give to clubs. They are just like the pdf brochure uploaded here.

Also, this is a web site I kind of like that tells it like it is about PETA and similar groups: (

PETA claimed to have supported the ELF about the time they set fire to my Father-in-Laws offices and research space at Michigan State University. ELF is considered a domestic terrorist group. Recently 12 of their members were nailed by law. I wonder why PETA is getting away with monetarily supporting terrorist groups?