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Title: Opens Last year versus this year
Post by: SODY on September 01, 2014, 12:52:47 AM
Soooo how many co-anglers had an extremely bad ride on the big water at Sandusky last year?

The first day I rode in a brand new ranger and the ride was bad really bad!, (I'm a ranger fan, NOT the boats fault) I was wet from head to toe, bumped, bruised , cut and broke a brand new $100 dollar abu garcia rod and was flat ready to never fish again by 9:00 AM. The "Driver" was not an experienced seamen. I see a few of the co-anglers from last year have stepped up to big leagues and I know it is so they can drive their self.

I have been a boater and a co on the great lakes since 1998 and have never seen anything like this, I did not know you could get that much water in a Ranger boat, How I caught fish is a miracle in it's self. I'm not kidding I could literally not write about this civil till now. The story does have a bright side!

As I was laying out every piece of tackle and clothing on the back of my truck. The phone started ringing my next day draw. It was JVD and I knew God was still on the throne. My next day draw was him and we had fished some of the Kalamazoo Thursday nights together so it was nice to be able to ride with a local Michigander. We had a great time, but the weather was still wild, I smoked one toad and a couple dink's but gained a whole new respect for Triton boats (Cadillacs). Still Saturday was rough man, Big water rough. Drop shot and tubes no big secrets to share.

I know this year is going to be way better as I paid off my chiropractor bill just in time to buy a new veracity drop shot rod! ::)
Here is the topic, what happened to those that attended last year, could you walk when you got home? Tell me your story.