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Title: THE Go to shop
Post by: Mojo on August 30, 2014, 10:59:04 AM
Everyone knows I love BPS, and heard the story how I got in trouble when they sent me my birthday 20% off any item over $100 (wife got the mail,..... And of course it reads......"because you've spent over $1000 and are a valued customer"... Yup ... And thats how the fight got started ),

But, I finally found a store that has all the very latest and hottest baits. I don't have to wait a year, heck, it seems like they are connected to the nefarious region of my brain that craves the baits to whack smallmouth. Every bait, every technique, never out of the colors I need for tubes (extreme Bass Tackle), the only terminal tackle you need ( Kustom Kicker goby head tube jigs with gamma hooks, Kustom Kicker swim jigs, DS weights with oz stamped on the side, The Freak! Major fish catcher jig) , the best moving baits in the correct colors including baits, crankbaits, spoons, spinnerbaits, spy baits, rattletraps, swim baits you name it. Of course they have EVERY awesome DS bait (has everything you need except Nemesis WOW productive gobies- but I order those direct ), With this big tournament I'm almost upset to even mention them, but Sportsmens Direct has nailed smallmouth and largemouth fishing guys. Tell em Mojo sent ya and to sell you the 2nd place baits cause he already order me the winning stuff    ;D