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Title: Kalamazoo partner wanted
Post by: jdg279 on September 26, 2012, 11:13:27 PM
Hey everyone, I'm a college student who just recently moved to Kalamazoo.  I'm addicted to bass fishing but I don't have a boat or any knowledge of shore fishing spots.  It's driving me crazy not being able to get out on the water.  Would anyone be willing to let me meet you at the ramp and tag along with them sometime?  I'm not necessarily looking to join a club as money is tight and I've already spent too much on tournaments in a small club, just someone to show me what the area has to offer and let me occupy the back of the boat.  I'd be willing to chip in a few bucks for the favor.  Thanks guys, I hope someone is nice enough to invite me aboard and show me what the kalamazoo area has to offer.  PM me and we can exchange contact info.