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Title: Great Lakes Bass TV Thousands of Fishing videos including Lake St Clair and more
Post by: djkimmel on August 15, 2012, 05:10:02 PM
If you haven't or don't visit GreatLakesBass.TV (, please check it out! Literally thousands of fishing and other videos you can watch for FREE! Including our own Fishing Videos Channel ( with our inhouse videos of Michigan and Great Lakes bass fishing and videos from our members and visitors, a Lake St. Clair bass fishing video channel ( with hundreds of videos and much, much more!

Sections ( include Kevin VanDam ( videos (about him and his Youtube official KVD Channel (, Fishing the Alabama Rig (, Hook 'n Look with Kim Stricker (, bass fishing techniques, bass tournament videos, funny videos!

Bass fishing by state ( for the Great Lakes region:

And Canada Bass Fishing videos (

So much more - outdoors videos, sports videos, TV shows. You name it! We've got it! Visit www.GreatLakesBass.TV or try the all channels links page to see the long list ( of available categories!