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Title: 2000 Ford Windstar for sale!
Post by: bigjc on April 08, 2012, 10:45:25 PM
Ok, so this isn't the typical item on this board for sale, but it could be used to tow a small boat and it has seen plenty of family camping trips!  Besides, we have to have something for our women folk to drive.

My wife and I are selling our 2000 Ford Windstar.  It has 117,000 miles of gentle use and a few family vacations.  We have had the van for ten years, bought it w/ less than 40K on it.  I believe that we were the second owner.  I have personally taken great care of it.  It has had regular oil changes every 4000 miles and very regular preventative maint.  I had a rebuilt trans put in it two years ago.  It will provide some happy new family with many more miles of service.  Every thing is in excellent working order, and it has good breaks and tires.  It has a small freon leak and needs a recharge once a year.  The van is a really good deal at $4000.00.  You can IM me or call me at 313-655-3626, for more info.  I am offering it first to our family and friends and folks at church, before I put it on ebay.