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Title: Courtesy Question
Post by: LUMBERLEO on September 02, 2006, 10:54:06 AM
I posted in the Detroit River topic on accident........Hi guys, I'm a little late on this Post but waht a great day of fishing.  I had 24-03 out of the back of the boat, I will probably never do that agian.  Weighed out 23-03 because of 2 dead fish.  It was so rough we nocked the pumps in the livewell out.  I also had big Bass on the Co-Angler side 6-02.  I only caught 6 fish but they were all huge.  I have a sportsman question.  I had those fish by 1030am and was sure Culling would be tough.  My boater only had 12lbs and was disgusted with me, which I totally understand.  I thought ok I'll stop fishing until he has a good limit.  I think he took that as I was putting him down.  Then I'm like he thinks I'm lazy and a quiter.  Tell me boaters, what wuold you want a co-angler to do in that situation.  Do I keep fishing and shoot for 50 lbs, or out of respect do I stop fishing until he gets a good limit?????           Thanks, Scott
Title: Re: Courtesy Question
Post by: CuradoKev on September 02, 2006, 10:30:39 PM
As a BFL coangler, I think you did a good thing...I would have done the same thing and offered him my bait after the first 3 toads.

I fished with a guy in the Everstat a few years ago. He blanked and his coangler had 18.5 lbs on a cheap Walmart rod. It just wasn't the pro's day, we all have those days and we've all been there.

Good job, Ckev

I hope you gave him some good gas money.
Title: Re: Courtesy Question
Post by: fishon1219 on September 03, 2006, 07:48:04 AM
That is an interesting question that you post. I would say if you were just out dragging tubes on the lake or river you should keep fishing. It is so random were your bait is going to be using that technique that if you are catching them his bait was probably no were near that fish. If you were fishing a "spot" like a rock pile you would be doing a good thing by not fishing anymore. If you were fishing with me I would tell you to keep fishing and would genuinaly want you to keep fishing just because I enjoy watching people have a good time while fishing with me. Even though he was fishing for "the big money" he should have been happy with your sucssess and also with his ability to put you on a spot to catch such a big bag of fish.
Title: Re: Courtesy Question
Post by: LUMBERLEO on September 04, 2006, 02:27:38 PM
  I did give him gas money and he did start using my baits.  I know its random out there, I guess its just more fun if both of you are having a great day.  He was a super nice guy I don;t wanna give anyone the wrong impression.           Thanks for the info...