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Title: Stabilizing Electronics
Post by: StarBoard7 on September 26, 2011, 05:04:37 PM
Hello all,

Does anyone have any tips for stabilizing Electronics/Finders?

I have started to fish Lake Erie often and have really had some close calls with my Electronics coming completely off and I know I could just take them off and put them on but that wastes a lot of time on the water when in a TX.

Any thoughts ...I was thinking a velcro strap similar to my T-motor strap.

Any other tips on how to Erie Proof a Bass boat would surley be appreciated as I am kind of learning on the fly and it hasn't been fun lol.

Thanks all.

Title: Re: Stabilizing Electronics
Post by: djkimmel on September 27, 2011, 12:14:22 AM
We used to take off all the electronics from my partner's boat and lock all the compartments in the old days on the long runs in after he learned the hard way on St. Clair during his first tournament there. There was a spate of guys who flipped their boats on Saginaw Bay for a while there and their compartments would open and dump all their stuff.

I once watched a boat that was tied to the dock at Bickleys in Sandusky (BFL or TriState, can't remember) suddenly roll over. It was taking on water due to DRIVING TOO FAST and maybe not being built super duper. No one was in it. We were lined up in the long Erie bag line and it just suddenly rolled right over next to the dock. All the compartment doors opened and everything in them fell into dark, mucky-bottomed water. Divers had to look for the more expensive stuff.

Keep checking for tightness. If it won't stay tight fairly good, time to hunt for new brackets. Some anglers are making their own harnesses and straps. I've seen a short, covered wire with a loop on each end attached to the graph and the deck on some boats.

Many use RAM mounts. And don't drive too fast. Some of the anglers who pass you in the rough stuff don't actually make it in... though most of the boats nowadays are doing much better.

There is no way to Erie 'proof' a boat but you can make it hold better. The best method is to not drive too fast. I think I mentioned that! ;D