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Title: Grand River fishing report
Post by: SODY on July 24, 2011, 10:55:49 PM
I would be very curious to know any info "General" as the tourneys coming so lips are pretty tight.
Here are my thoughts after many many days fishing the Grand and spring lake.

The water is very very very stained and dirty from , weed kills, boat traffic, algae bloom and other factors. this includes Rivers, bayous and spring lake. When I say stained it is 1 ' or less visibility. Count of three and a pure chartreuse tube disappears. Clean water can be found and the guys who know were its at may do good, I have caught all my fish in dirty water though so go figure. I've always liked that anyway. The fish are biting, even with all the storms. The water temp is warm varied between 76-80. The big lake was 78

I believe it will be won by the guy who found the smallies somewhere else , I can say that because my boat is running at top speed great but idling like crap so it may be at the marina. short of it is i may not be there as much as I want to fish. My partner did loose a toad today and we did catch fish were they were supposed to be so whats YOUR thoughts?