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Author Topic: My up north report  (Read 1097 times)

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My up north report
« on: June 10, 2019, 05:02:11 PM »

Got to Rapid city Saturday the 1st. Pretty windy so I spent the afternoon getting everything ready for Sunday. Made a casino run Sat night won $600.

Sunday morning headed for Skeg. got on the lake and the wind was still hitting pretty good. fished around for a couple of hours, nothing. Water temp was 49 degrees. Back to the property to wait for my BIL to show up.

Monday morning headed to Charlevoix, never been there. Wind still blowing out of the west when we launch. We head up to Horton Bay to try and get into a bit calmer water, bingo calm water. Water is still cold 48 to 50. Start fishing a blade bait ( thanks Mike) third cast and it gets hammered. Not sure but if this is a smallie it is a good one. Nope 22 inch lake trout. Came out of the water 3 times about 4 feet in the air. Great fight. Fished down the shore and out into about 25 fow and nothing. After 3 hours we decided to go try some where else. Ended up over on Intermediate lake. Found a few bucks up on beds but no big girls yet. Water temp 58 to 60. fished there the rest of the day. got a few small ones.

Back to the casino for dinner that night, hit for another $700.00

Tuesday Morning we went back to Intermediate and headed to the south end. Water temp was up 60/61. started seeing some nice fish staring to move up. Started throwing a blade bait out into 18/20 fow and cranking it as fast as it would go. Got hammered several time by some nice smallies. ended up with 8 or 10 fish for the day.

Back to the casino for dinner. Hit for another $600. Not a bad vacation so far.

Wed morn it is thundering and storming pretty bad so it is a sleep in day. had to take my BIL home to Gaylord so he could go back to work. I just laid around the rest of the day.

Back to the casino. Bad night lost $400.00

Thursday Morn packed it up and headed home. The lakes up there are probably on fire this week as thing were warming up.

all in all it was a pretty relaxing vacation. Now it is back to work:(
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Re: My up north report
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2019, 05:12:52 PM »

Sounds like fun, I like Intermediate Lake.  I struck out on sage lake lake this weekend not much happening with the fish.  Caught one nice bass and a little pike.  Nice haul at the Casino!


Re: My up north report
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2019, 08:30:25 PM »

Strange, I was on skeg memorial weekend and temps were 60-61 and fish were in beds.  Elk was 10 degrees cooler and nothing on the flats.

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Re: My up north report
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2019, 05:52:54 PM »

Nice report.  East Bay was 54-56 on Saturday.
 Fishing was good.  Water was up to 60 on Wednesday but it must have dropped with all the rain and the cold front that moved in.
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Re: My up north report
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2019, 08:23:27 AM »

I caught this one on the East Bay on June 11th, along with another dozen between 2 and 5 lbs. This one went over 6.


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Re: My up north report
« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2019, 04:55:29 PM »

Been a rough spring for nice fishing in decent weather... would be nice to get some a little more often. Water temps have been all over the place!

Glad you got some rest and relaxation anyways stack! Hope you didn't use up all your luck at the casinos.

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