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2011 TBF Junior State Championship Will be On Pontiac Lake

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; This is what I just sent out to all of the Junior Members I have e-mails for. If you have any Question You can e-mail me at
  Of cousre we are going to need boat so who ever can please let me know so I can add you to my list. The best way is to e-mail me so I can send you out the Final info on the Tournament.

Junior Members and Parents
   I have had some trouble getting a lake this year. Not as easy as when we had only 25 youths fishing. Looks like this year will be about 60 Youths fishing. The first lake I went to the marine said they could not do it due to there business. So we are going back to Pontiac Lake. We had a great tournament with a lot of fish caught. Plus lots of room to run our event. Next years lake will not be the same I have already talk to the new place  for 2012.
   Here is what I need first all youth must pay there membership. There is allot of youths that have not paid yet. If you do not pay your membership you will not fish the State Championship.
   Attached is both the Life Jacket Liability form and the Entry form. This year just to make the morning go easier you can pay for the tournament the same time you send me both of the forms. The cost is the same $20.00. Entries are due May 15 ( Post marked). Make Checks out to the TBF of Michigan.
   We are going to need boats as usual so if you want to volunteer your boat let me know. remember you can not fish with your own kids or relative.
    We are also looking for help with donation for food and product for the kids. Let me know what you can help with so we do not double up on items.
   There will be more information to come
   Just to make sure you all get this send me back a response so I do not miss anyone

  Brian Belevender
   2720 Gorlad
  Orion MI 48360

  Brian Belevender
  TBF of Michigan
  Youth Director

So, Saturday June 11, 2011 on Pontiac Lake at the DNR ramp.

Need boater volunteers.

Need the kids to get their membership completed and send in their entries.

What are the times everyone needs to be there and the fishing hours? Thanks Brian.

Also, per Jeff Cox: We will be having a cook out following the tournament for all anglers, boaters, and families. If you would like to volunteer to help at this event as a boater or just a shore helper please contact Brian Belevender his email address is

If anyone would like to donate tackle or prizes for the kids at this event contact Brian or myself. If you have any other questions about the event email Brian.

Looks like we are going to have 58 kids fishing our Tournament on June 11. We are going to need some boat. We are also going to need help on shore as well. Cooking , Pulling boat and any other thing. I am also looking for Product for the kids . So if any one can help please send me an e-mail. This is easier for me to keep track of .

Brian Belevender

I'll be there with my boat and will try to round up more boaters!


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