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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I am a sponsor on this site and letting you all know that my jigs are for sale on my website.  A person can buy the jigs 1 by 1 or buy TJS walleye kits I have put together. Purchase these Jigs or Kits at

Here are some pictures.  I understand everyone has there own jig they like. Only way you got to like that type of jig is trying it out.  If see what you like give them a try. My oldest daughter helps paint these jigs and my younger daughter helps painting the lines on the jigs. Every sale goes to them to.

In this kit you also get 5 unpainted jigs. With in the 11 colors if there is a style you would like done contact me and I will try my best to get it done for you.  Take fews days extra before shipping out these jigs are a done in vinyl paint.

those are great looking heads.  what hook is that?

my daughter likes to help me make skirts for the jigs we sell.  its great getting them involved.  cheetams daughter is painting baits already and she is only 5.  dont tell him i said so, but i think she is better then he is. :P

McCarter himself :-\'

I use Matzuo Bronze Jig Hook my daughter is 5 also and when I goto make jigs she has to be right with me. 


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