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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; So I'm 16 and want to get into the new thing of highschool fishing i have a couple buddies that will do this with me but have no idea on how to get started..

any info will help thanks,

                                                                Jeremy Chesney

Jeremy, I can help you. Check your messages.

thanks.. I will most likely call tomorrow..

I would think this is a great place to start:

Largest Student Fishing Initiative In History Announced
TBF, FLW Outdooors Introduce National High School Fishing Program

Ponca City, Okla. (Jan. 27, 2011) – The Bass Federation’s (TBF) Student Angler Federation (SAF) and FLW Outdoors announced today the formation of the largest student angler program in history.
Decades of youth program leadership by TBF and affiliated state federations, and FLW Outdoors’ position as the largest promoter of tournaments in the world have spawned the largest youth fishing initiative in sports history. The new national High School Fishing program follows highly successful TBF and FLW Outdoors programs including National Guard FLW College Fishing, the SAF High School Fishing World Finals and the TBF Junior World Championship. Over 23,000 high schools across the nation and Canada are invited to compete giving high school anglers opportunities to fish, make friends, advance to championship events and earn scholarships to benefit their education and their lives

Terry,....and all

Mike Smith is the TBF member that has been taken the High School Fishing Program under his wings!!  I talked to many about leading this up but the passion that Mike has towards this idea is unparalled.  If you or anyone would like to help Mike just let him know, I am sure he will need the help!  If anyone knows of a HS that would like to know more about this program get them with Mike!!


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