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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Hey just a little shout out to TBF Members Chad Pipkens and Ryan Said though both of them are great friends of mine I still think it is cool that they are both very active TBF members!  Chad begins practice today for the FLW Tour Event on the Bif O in Fla this will be his first FLW Tour event as a Pro.  He did fish the FLW Series last year and had some success so GOOD LUCK to him.  The tournament begins Thursday I believe is what he told me!!

As for Ryan we all know that he is taking a LOA from the real world to try to "make it" in the Elite World.  He leaves today with his wraped Dodge Ram and 20I Skeeter.  He will be stoping in Fla on his way to the classic to pre fish the St John River and the Harris Chain the moving on to practice days at the Classic.  Ryan will have his hands full this year as he travels around the country living his dream!!

Lets all wish them the best of luck but most of all lets keep them in or prayers that durring all the fun and travel nothing bad happens!!

I would also love for any TBF members that post here to keep us all up to date on there tournament year!  So if you are fishing a larger event and you have a story to tell or would just like to say how you did and maybe what you learned that would make for good reading and show why the MICHIGAN TBF is where the best anglers in Michigan fish

You can follow tournament news about Ryan Said at

Best of luck to both of you, and any other members who are fishing big events. I know a few are fishing some of the opens. Veronica and I wish you all the luck and good fortune that is possible. We will be following you all the way.

The Big O started today and I left out a few TBF of Mi members so good luck to Jason Knapp, Leo Ritter and Teddy Bradley also if anyone know of any TBF members fishing as co -anglers let us know.  Should be a great tournament I know Leo was boat 2 today Pipkens boat 13 and Teddy was like 28 and I think Jason was in the Nid of the pack, so if they have a few locked on beds they should have a good cance of getting there first.  There was a big fog delay this morning so we shall see how that effects the bite.

Looks like Jason Knapp had a good day with over 20lbs to bad thats only good enough for 47th place. Looks like the bite is awesome.


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