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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I think I'm gonna have to turn you in to one of my PETA buddies...


Once again, you guys on the East side have all the fun. FOUR FEET long? Nice sized water snake I'ld say!

joshimoto son:
Yeah... not a big PETA fan!!!


I can garauntee you that it was longer than three foot.

It was tan and black striped like a coon's tail.

If that never happens again, I'll be  happy.

He was probably tired and just wanted to rest a bit.
Maybe a little snack.  Exchange pleasentries and be on his way. 
But noooooo. 
You guys had to give the poor thing a hard time! :D

The second time, he probably thought to himself that you had mistaken him for another snake of somewhat lesser quality.  He returned to explain your mistake when WHAAP, you let him have it again. 

Poor snake.

lol   by the way, I'd have reacted exactly the same as you guys.

I hate to admit it but the snake that I dealt with was about 2' long.  But keep in mind that did make him any less intimidating to me.  Here is what the DNR has to say about them:,1607,7-153-10370_12145_12201-61196--,00.html

The DNR states: "Needless persecution by humans has eliminated water snakes from many places where they were once common."

If they didn't swim at and climb in the boat they wouldn't so persecuted.  That is one aggressive snake to take on an object 10+ times it's size.  It kinda defies nature.



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