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I got a story not unlik eyours as well - ky lake 5 years ago - our annual pilgramage to the south for a lweek long r&r - you know the drill - drive 600 miles with great anticipation, get e verything unloaded and hit the water ruinning.  We were on south Barley beating the banks for about 10 minutes when my partner gets a spinnerbaqit hung up in a tree on the bank - I try an explain you can't get bit up there - boy was I WRONG!

as I headed to the bank to aid in getting him unstuck, a 3 ft long big brown ky biting snake fell from a tree branch nearby and onto the front deck of my lund.  Well, the chinese fire drill was in high gear. Noit near enough room for 2 anglers and a snake in the boat.  Son the trolling motor is on high, crashing nito the rocks on the bank, and I am near/on the cowling, and Glen is on the transom. the snake went over the d/s wind shield and disappeared.  I have to give credit wherecredit is due, glen had the guts to go start the big motor and thro it in reverse to ge tout of there - we get 100 yds out, and try and regroup.

No sign of snake, back to fishing.  I would say it took a good 3 hours to get comfy back on the front deck, looking at the console for old meanmouth to reappear.  no sign of him anywhere, althoug we never saw him actually hit the water.

Well, upon returning home - I had to rewire my trolling motor - found a 41 inch skin in my side bolster compartment.  Must have fished with im as a passenger all week - still kind of freaks me out thinking about it.


joshimoto son:

I think I would have had to sell the boat after that one!


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