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The Bass Boys 2011 Dues due

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Still need one more angler to join.

Is it too late? Still need one?

Still need one. I do not have any extra nonboaters at this time, but I expect I will pick up a few more between now and the state championship. If you don't sign up with a nonboater, I match you in the order you joined so the sooner you join, the better your odds of getting matched. If you want to be a boater in the state championship, join now and you are in line for the next nonboater that signs up.

I joined up. I would be okay with either a non-boater or boater.

Got it! Thanks. That makes it real easy. You'll get next match up. I'll let everyone know where we stand after the shows are over.


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