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Scott Dobson and Kyle Green Boat Unofficial Lake St Clair Bass Tournament Record

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Scott Dobson and Kyle Green Boat Unofficial Lake St Clair Bass Tournament Record

Photo Credit: John Maniaci

Perfect fall practice conditions led to what many believe is the new unofficial 5-bass tournament record weight for Lake St. Clair. During a local event on October 9, 2010 known as Monsterquest, bass pro Scott Dobson and tournament partner Kyle Green dropped 5 big Lake St. Clair smallmouth bass onto the scales for an amazing 29.68 pounds! Their 5 bass included the big bass winner of the day – a huge 6.78 pound toad smallie!

Read entire exclusive interview report and see the pictures of the BIG ones in Tournament News

Once again, fine work Dan. From my perspective it was spot on but I couldn't hear what Dobber said as they were leaving. Now I know! And I know the secret bait too :) but I won't tell!

Thanks for all you do Dan, you are really the bassfishermans best friend in Michigan. Hope to see you next Spring for MonsterQuest 2011!

Holy cow, that is out of this world!  :o  Congrats to Scott and Kyle, that will certainly be tough to beat.  Thanks for the article, Dan.  It was a great read.

Firefighter Jeff:
Excellent job Dan.  Great read  !!!

Glad you liked it and thanks so much for the feedback!

As far as the secret bait? I have too many darn baits already!! ;D It would just be one more I'd have to buy and who knows when I'd get to it with all the other 'secret' baits I've been tricked... er, bought because of a sale, or recommendation, hypnosis, snake oil, pretty colors or because someone caught some bass on it!!! Really probably just because I get bored so easy. My curse and the bait manufacturers' good fortune...

And as far as the Monsterquest 2011...? Well, only if I have extra money to donate and they let me start a little later!! I don't like getting up so early anymore (and I especially don't like being a donater ;D )


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