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Bass Boat Deck Insert questions


Anthony Adams:
var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I want to get a deck insert for my Bass Boat. I may resort to building it myself. I would preffer to buy it if the price is right. Does anyone know who makes custom deck inserts?
Or does anyone know where I can get one?

Or can someone give me some insight on building one, the best materials, whould I use wood or fiberglass, any suggestions....

 i've looked into this myself and concluded to do my own. as mine wanting to be more of a deck extension w/couple of hatches to store gear & tackle. have yet to start project but now that a couple of home projects completed, time to get started....i have looked into the forums on bass boat central web page and suggest you look into that for some info that might help you out into either to buy or build yourself.


I may be able to help you. I work in a fab shop. I made a deck insert for my 95' Astro out of 1/8 inch aluminum and then glued carpet to it. It looked like it came with the boat. I used it for two years. The second year I added an insert so I could move my front butt seat back farther to give me a little more room up front.

I could possibly build one for you. The cost would depend on the size and the shape but would be minimal if all I did was fab the insert and you carpeted it and installed it. I would need access to your boat for some measurements and a hand sketch, then I could give you a price.

I will be at the Neppessing tourny, I could take a look at it there if you are interested.

I built one for my 202 Champ for under 100 bucks
What kind of boat do you have?????


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