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National Gaurd Junior State Championship


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Down here in Gainsville Georgia for the 2010 National Guard Junior  Championship. This was the first day for our State Champions Alex Cataldo and Daniel Sprauge. There was two Kids from most of the other state. There was 82 Competitors. Both of Junior members represented our state very well but both of them did not make it to the next day. Both of the Juniors membership and there families were treated very well by both the TBF and FLW. Two of the highlights was the kids launch right after the Pro for the Forest Wood Cup. Right after the 78 boat was launched for the Forest Wood Cup. The Kids went right after. The other was the National Guard Pizza Party. We just got out there. Still trying to get my hearing back. Very load and lots of fun>
Congratulation to Alex and Daniel for make it here and representing our State

I'm posting the press release under this section.


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