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REALLY REALLY could use 2 boaters for TBF St Clair


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I'm just lost a boater for the August 29, 2010 TBF state championship on Lake St. Clair. I have a nonboater who will really, really need a boater to guaranty him with. He's a nice and deserving person!

Anyone out there want to help out and take a shot at the 2011 state team?!? Being on a state team is always a good deal.

Plus, I have another nonboater who would like to fish and no boater to match him up with. Another nice and deserving young man. Please! Please help fishing brother out!

I may be able to help you out.....Give me a day or so to work on it..

I have an excess of boaters so we should be able to get those guys out no problem....

Let me know ASAP! And thanks!


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