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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Lake St. Clair Canada Bass Opener 2018 is on for this weekend. See what tournaments are launching on Saturday and Sunday.

For all the tournaments that we got access to the results for, there wasn't a single six pound bass to be found. Look for that to change in the coming weeks.

We did see a 24 pound sack come in for a win. Tons of limits were caught and this week, we have the FLW event in town.

This will be fun!

For more on the results from the Canadian Opener in 2018, check out this article:

Sept 7, 2018 Bass fishing report

Jeff Feraiuolo and I launched at Harley Ensign during strong north winds with a plan to fish the channels, and current related water. I turned out to be a good call since Jeff boated 4.8, 3.11, 3.11 and 3.7 smallies plus a nice walleye in a few hours.

Water temperatures were still in the low 70's which means that it would still be considered a summer bite.

The entire time we fished in U.S. waters and were happy with the results that we got on a 4" Sweet Green tube.

For more about our trip and a video:

Nate Perry debuts on St. Clair Report with an article about fall bass fishing. He talks about baits, spots and gives us data. See more at:


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