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Opening Day 2010 Catch and Release Michigan Bass Fishing

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; cameraguy does it again with another very nice video where he makes me look almost like I know what I'm doing. I like watching this one just to remember a nice day on the water. Hope it reminds some of you of your nice days on the water too!

Firefighter Jeff:
AWESOME video  !!!!!  The quality of the production was great.  Hey Cameraguy, wanna go fishing???  lolol  Ummm can you bring the camera???

Sorry to admit it Dan but I liked Wayne's jab about you  !!

I think I might get a little camera shy with it right in my face.  Didn't seem to bother you Dan.

GJ guys. 

I enjoyed it.

Great video guys. I just wish my sound worked lol.

Cool vid guys.
Dan has starred in several productions and is a veteran actor. Did you notice how effortless he made fighting the fish look? Now Wayne is another story. You could see him struggle with his lines and I am sure cameraguy had to do some heavey editing to make it work.


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