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--- Quote from: djkimmel on June 05, 2010, 08:36:42 PM ---I'll be there. Will be my first time on Pontiac Lake ever.

--- End quote ---

Me too...And no time to run over and take a look at it...I pulled a map from the DNR looks pretty shallow..Any hazards that we should watch for?? Any suggestions from Pontiac lake pros??

My boat got kind of beat up last week fishing up North but should be ready to go..I had to rig up my livewell fill pump to work but it will get by this weekend untill I get a chance to tear into it hopefully next week...I had to run a bypass wire to the switch until i can get in there with a voltmeter and see what is going on,,,

pontiac lake hazzards.  get an arial map... there is a launch at the end of tackles rd,  between that launch and the island directly east there are stumps.  that whole area north of that has stumps, though if go go like 30 feet off shore near the weed edge you can go all the way around w/o hitting anything.
the west side, starting at buckingham rd on the map is all no wake.  there are some stumps, some of which are marked,  watch the pleasure boaters and youll notice a channel. 
the far west side is very shallow, there is kind of a channel, but you better have a really good weedless prop to go in very far.
2 bridges where m59 (highland rd) crosses the lake.  you might get under the one on the west side.  you have to have a 50hs or smaller, or take on water then bilge out on the other side.  big spiders in there.

I already agreed to do it when Jack C asked me a couple week ago...but I'll be there.

Had a good time today....Was a well run event considering there were over 50 anglers......
Both of the competitors I fished with were excellent anglers and super courtieous(sp)

The on the water stuff was great.  The kids I had on board were a lot of fun. 

My only gripe was that someone hit my trailer in the lot and didn't even have the courtesy to leave a number.  It wasn't bad damage, but come on, why be a wuss?  Just man-up and admit it and likely I would have said "forget about it, it happens."  I'm pretty disappointed.  If anyone saw who bumped my trailer, it would be cool if you could let me know.  All I'd ask from whoever it is, is an apology and maybe $50 for a little fiberglass filler and color.  Anyone care to fess up?


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