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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; That's too bad Rev. I had a great day with two great young men. They fished their hearts out and caught some nice fish. I must say that the GLB members showed up in force to make this thing happen. Way to go!


--- Quote from: Revtro on June 12, 2010, 09:36:34 PM ---The on the water stuff was great.  The kids I had on board were a lot of fun. 

My only gripe was that someone hit my trailer in the lot and didn't even have the courtesy to leave a number.  It wasn't bad damage, but come on, why be a wuss?  Just man-up and admit it and likely I would have said "forget about it, it happens."  I'm pretty disappointed.  If anyone saw who bumped my trailer, it would be cool if you could let me know.  All I'd ask from whoever it is, is an apology and maybe $50 for a little fiberglass filler and color.  Anyone care to fess up?

--- End quote ---

Bummer Tom. Didn't see this earlier. I was really worried about that. The parking spots in these older ramps are not designed for dually F350s with a dual axle bass boat trailer. I was sticking out a lot more than I like. At the end of the event, I trimmed down my motor and stood by it for much of the time waiting since I felt like was sticking out into the lane practically.

Seems like someone's trailer gets nicked about every 2nd or 3rd event of any kind I'm at. Wish people would slow down just a little and be careful.


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