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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Right at this time we have 46 kids fishing this event. I am looking for boaters. Some of you have already volunteered to be there that day.  Could you repost here Again . Easier to keep track thanks.
  There will be more details on the tournament soon.

It is marked on my Calendar....Boat is running well so I will be there...

Hey Guys,
Me and Jon won't be able to help, we will be getting ready for the Saginaw Open Tournament we are running the next day.  We will however waive the $15 late fee for any team that has a member that volunteers as a boater at the Jr State Championship, we'll also donate back $15 of that teams entry to the TBF of Michigan Juniors.

The final Count is in. We have 53 Kids fishing that day. We are going to need 27 boats plus a couple of camera boats. We are also going to need help in the morning to get the kids in the boats and on the water. Plus when they come in we will need help getting boats out and running the weigh in. Also will need a couple of chefs to feed these kids. Please let me know ASAP. Only 19 days left. Right now I have WAGS,MikeS,Dan Kimmel and the other BrianB. If I left someone out let me know. Thanks Guys

More Detals on the tournament shortly

I'll be there. Will be my first time on Pontiac Lake ever.


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