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Big dreams:
var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Does anyone know of any employers looking for an IT Specialist?  I just graduated with my BA in Information and Computer Security.  I am looking for an entry level position that will allow me to grow.  I have until the middle of June to find something...  Otherwise I will be forced to enter the ranks of the U.S. Army again.  I am not against going back into the Army but I would like to stay somewhat close to home so I could continue to improve on my bass fishing skills.

What general area of the state are you looking in? How far do you want to drive? Or move?

Big dreams:
I am open to moving anywhere at this point.  I have applied from Virginia all the way to Iowa.  Staying in Michigan is a plus but not a necessity. 

Okay. That helps. Hopefully. Good luck.


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