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Looks like they could have used a couple BIG pet lizards. My sons 6' iguanna would have had a feast. LOL

They had some big lizards down there though I didn't see any. Just like in Mexico, other people saw them most days, but not me.

I would think these giant hoppers would be a smorgasbord unless they're toxic (like some things down there).

I tried asking the locals if anyone eats them - you could live for weeks just off what landed on the Clipper! Unfortunately, my skills in Portuguese are just too weak. (Though I tried to talk a few of the guys into eating one... maybe dipping it in chocolate ;D )

If you've ever lived through a good june bug migration, just imagine that times about 5!! You could hear these dudes coming like mini-helicopters towards the boat! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuppp! as they crashed down onto the boat.

Some of them were all green, but many of the BIG ones had bright red underwings that you could only see when they were flying. It was like a festival with all the movement and color (albeit, one with claws).

When we got on shore that last day to fly back out, we found another big group of them at the airport, and some of them were very colorful. Mottled red, brick and brown. Kind of cool, but also, not being used to them, more than a little strange to have bugs as big as finches flying around you.

That is amazing!

I almost started to buy into Steve's apocalypse theory the 3rd night when we were invaded by a zillion of these tiny bee-fly looking critters. They looked like they'd sting or bite, but as far as I know, no one was harmed. Other than maybe a few ended up getting accidentally drunk or eaten since they were landing and crawling into everything!! They were especially fond of the various morning juices we had for breakfast.

Probably because the boat was moving each day or night most of the week, the little critters thinned out and vanished. After that, there was no large scale invasion of any other critters. Just odds and ends so I figured the apocalypse probably was not happening... A little disappointing because it meant I did have to go home and back to work... sigh


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