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fear no fish:
var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Yesterday, the presidents picked Muskegeon Lake for the 2010 State Championship lake. The state championship is in September this year. It starts on the 23rd.

My prediction will be that this is one of the biggest championship in years as far as numbers. The west side guys will show up in mass just like the TBF. ;D ;D ;D

Its good I guess but I'm disappointed to see both the TBF and MBFN both on the same lake.  Oh well at least I'll get to visit the westside twice this year.

Only 55 boats fished. I think there we 65 until the registration/banquet when they announced the 1st day was canceled due to bad weather.

Having the Championship in late September hurt the numbers more than location....We went from having an average of 10-12 participants down to 4 in our club because of the late date...


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