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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Yup. Something's come up so I did not get a bunch of pictures done yet, but this may help show that, yes... I did have a time!!!

My biggest peacock bass of the trip caught early afternoon on day 2 fishing with guide Iggy using an 8 inch long, 4 ounce chopper bait.

18 POUNDS!!! The BIG fish hit like a freight train running at super train speeds off the edge of a main river sandbar. Then ripped down the edge of the bar at rocket speed before crashing out of the water and back in. Which is when Iggy said, "GRANDE!!!! NO JUMP!!! Rod tip down...." These magnificent fish are pure, rock hard muscle with jet boosters in their... tale.

I really, really, really wanted to break 20 pounds, but it just didn't happen for me. But wait until you see some more pictures!!?!! Just Amazing!!!!!!!! I will tease you by saying the 20 pound mark was broken - no shattered - many times during this trip!! Exotic Outdoor Adventures!!! Everyone needs to take this trip!!!

Personally, I broke the 10 pounds barrier 4 times and had one big fish hit twice that look bigger than my 18 pounder!!

That is awesome Dan. What a spectacular fish. Can't wait to see some more pictures!
And how great is it to have a guide named Iggy?! :o That would make my trip as well.

I can see the gleam in your eyes, even through the glasses. Looks like you are having a ball. The memories will be with you the rest of your life. So happy you had a great time. That is one fantastic fish. I too cant wait for more.

Wait to you see the one I caught with the big sail on his back!!!! I wish I had taken better pictures, but the whole trip was so stunning and different and HOT!!! 80's into the 90's every day with Equator sun (not prescribed normally for redheads ;D) and 80 to 100% humidity every day!! My brain and other things were not working normal at times (no jokes please).

Wait until you see the 'stats' for our group on this trip. It was a big fish bash!!! We had some great anglers on the trip including someone whose been there 20 times and another very distinguished gentleman (Mike) who has gone so many times since the early 80's he doesn't even know how many times he's gone.

There was one other first-timer there with me. We both had a BLAST!!!

Wait until you see the camain (or maybe it was a gator???) charge video!!!

I loved Iggy. He was small, as most of the men down there are thanks to the Indian heritage, dark-skinned and very hairy. Rick said, "Iggy, you're hairy like jaguar!!" And Iggy responded, "No. Iggy is little monkey."

So many stories...

River Rat:
Don't know what else to say but... "Wow!"  Too cool, sir!


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