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2010 Michigan Youth State Championship, June 12th

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--- Quote from: djkimmel on November 25, 2009, 10:17:26 PM ---ALL my lures seem to be pike lures!!! That should be good to keep the kids happy too though as long as we don't run out of lures ;D

--- End quote ---

I better leave my Lucky Craft stuff at home....I can see it now...

kid.."hey mister that crankbait looks awesome can i try it"
me..."Sure here you go"
kid.."I got one...Crap it broke off..Hey mister got another one"
 ;D ;D ;D

Wouldn't it be more like, "DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THAT PIKE MISTER!!!??!!"

The kids will all be outfitted with various Nemesis Baits again this year, so no need for Lucky Craft ;)

I was hoping to help out this year but unfortunatly, it falls on a conflicting date with a tournament i am running.

Here is a hint for catching numbers on that lake.  Its something that always worked well for me out there and i doubt many people are doing it.

Mojo rig a 4" Sicko ( of course back then it was a Yamamoto Senko ) on a 1/4 oz mojo weight with a 2-3 ft leader.  Impossible to not catch fish this way.  Watermelon always worked best for me.  Look for outside weeds lines on the main lake. 

McCarter himself :-\'


This event is a blast...
The older kid that I drew a couple of years ago on Neppesing ran the TM like a pro and casted as well as any that I have seen...I literally sat back and ate sandwiches all day and caught some rays....Both kids were very respectful of my Equipment....I felt very at ease having them run the show...They would tell me when they wanted me to fire up the big motor and move but other than they could have cared less if I was there or not...

The other Brian B...LOL..

I know brian will need more boats so if you can help please let him know before he starts pulling his hair out LOL or wait until just after because that might be funny JK

Sounds like we will need about 25 or more boats


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