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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; First off, sorry for my two cents or lack of? >:(

Anchoring on a spot is legal. We all know the game. Drop anchor in front of me and I might just tie up to your boat? ;D I like what Dan said, and its all about respect.

Sorry Bond, that was not right to bring you into the picture.

Dan, I will not post on this site again because I can't control my thoughts.

                    Sorry again to Skip, Eric, Dan,& GLB,

                        jj sniper "ALL OUT OF LEAD"


--- Quote from: Mark117 on October 07, 2009, 01:50:56 AM ---Dan, I will not post on this site again because I can't control my thoughts.               
--- End quote ---

They make medicine for that. ;D

I made a repost to try to keep from stirring up anything again...I could see myself dropping anchor on a hot bedding area and I was just trying to nail down the protocol...
Thanks for all of the information...I will feel free to drop an anchor, but I won't cut anyone off with my speedy Bass Cat......      ;D

By the way if you see me in a tournament feel free to fish close...Just bring me a MT Dew and a Oatmeal creme pie and all will be good.....    ;D   

No offense to you moto, definately not directed at you - but...

Why are people having a problem with Anchoring???  It is legal, it's not really controversial anywhere but around here it seems.  It's a great defense, which as the saying goes is a good offense.

The rule is reitterated at every tournament and now the PowerPole is specifically added to the rules.

I just dont understand why it is unsportsmanlike?  Or even why it is a consideration when judging someone's character.  Or why an angler is judged as the bad person in a situation for holding another angler accountable for a clearly defined rule.

Buy a faster boat and a better anchor if your feelings are hurt because someone anchored a spot before you.

I guarantee you if I anchor ( never have, dont even have an anchor in my boat, but if I do ) I will make a complaint with the TD if someone violates the rule.

Moto,  Anchor when you want/need.  They dont like it, politely wave with as many fingers as you deem necessary and remind them they can fish another trail or tournament or body of water that doesnt have that rule.  Good luck, I havent seen a trail that hasnt copied that rule word for word from someone else.


I have an anchor in my boat. It just doesn't have any rope tied to it.


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