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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; It is a good idea to have a functional anchor in your boat for reasons other than blocking competing anglers. ;)

I dont carry an anchor for one simple reason.  I do not want to pay the price for the damage/injury I would do with it to jet ski's and tuna boats.  I've got one sitting in my garage that I used to carry on my boat but the temptation just became too much for me.   :P 8)


I try to be clear, but as in all life, we all look at things from our own vantage point and belief system first. I hope I mostly try to remind people to consider 'the other guy' is also doing the same (from HIS/HER vantage and belief system). Follow the rules and treat people as fairly as possible with respect.

I have anchored when it seemed prudent and the best way to accomplish what was needed. I will not beat someone from yesterday to a spot today and anchor to block him/her out if we were both fishing it yesterday seemingly on even and fair footing.

Communication is a valuable skill. I try to use it with other anglers when prudent and feasible. Sometimes it works wonders and sometimes... just wastes breath. But I like to try and hope other people do too.

Wise words from our sensei. I agree whole heartedly. Why ruin an outing because there is all this anxiety created over a spot. It is one of those things that never will be solved and will always be discussed. There are all kinds of people in this world and you need to be prepared to meet up with them any time you are out and about. Attempting to work things out will placate your own conscience at the very least.

In most tournaments the rules are usually stated as the "trolling motor up and anchored on a spot competitors must give that boat 50 feet/yards(depending on the organization) diameter around the anchored boat.  Being a gentleman/good sport respect this rule and guideline.

BD           ;D


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