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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I don't want to build on the post about the Regional so I am posting here,  it got me thinking about a topic..

Would it be considered unethical for me to anchor on bedding fish in a spring tournament like Burt and Mullet????  I have always thought that would be a good tactic to hold an area, but I am not so sure now...

I am just curious of what the consensus is and if I throw an anchor out in the spring is it going to cause an uproar....Please don't refer to the regional in your response...That is water under the bridge, but help this rookie to keep from stepping on his D@#@..

This takes place all the time. That is why the powerpole was invented. It is part of the game that we are not as used to because our fishing techniques don't normally lend themselves to this tactic.

Thanks for the info....A couple of years ago during a spring club tournament I found a cluster of beds on Burt and Mullet not much bigger than half a football field..Obviously you can't protect them all, but I have always wondered about what would be a good tactic..

How close would you feel comfortable moving in on someone in a bedding area that has his TM down to hit another bed that a competitor isn't fishing...???? 

I have seen guys pretty tight, but like I said, just trying to educate myself on what is percieved as right and wrong...I know what the rules say, but we all know there is such a thing as common courtesy also...
Thanks for the info

Do unto others as you'd have done to you. If everyone practriced that golden rule, things would be much simpler. More gentlemenly.

I have seen tournament bass anglers say they practice this, yet they seem to only be 'practicing' it when they pull in on someone else already there yet give you the business if you do the same exact thing back to them.

Has to work both ways all the time for it to work instead of the 'do what I say not what I do' some anglers practice who say they follow the golden rule. If you wouldn't want it done to you, then don't do it to anyone else.

I try to avoid the few anglers who seem to cause most of the controvery if I can. If they come in on me when I'm there first, practicing their one way version of the golden rule, I try to bite my tongue and ignore them the best I can.

If I really thought I had a specific area to myself when I pulled in there and no one else is around, I might anchor if I thought it was the best approach more than any other reason. I've only done it a few times. Had people try to encroach a couple times. I just reminded them the rules and ignored any grumbling. If I KNEW someone else was fishing the same area too, to my knowledge and recal I have never tried to beat them there and anchor to exclude them. That doesn't seem sportsmanlike or gentlemanly to me.

As a Co angler I have been very surprised at times on how close some of these guys will fish to each other...Even when open water fishing on LSC....I know sometimes there are deals made between boaters, but at other times I here a little squabbling.....

I appreciate the info and I will log it into my memory banks when I get ready to move to the front of the boat in the next couple of years.....

Tournament fishing is just fun for me and that is all it every will be...Any friends that I make or my reputation as a competitor will be around long after any checks that I win........


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