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A Short Video Fishing Tip produced by cameraguy - Spinnerbait Saver

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; cameraguy has produced another Video Fishing Tip - Save My Spinnerbait? about a tip I learned a while back from one of the pro bass anglers. It's a short, quick video:

Firefighter Jeff:
Not sure I'll use that tip, but it was a high quality video  !!!!  Top notch.

Finally have a few minutes to post.  Thanks for the kind words.  Also, I appreciate that you might not use that tip. 

Dan and I are planning on producing more videos of varying topics and length and realize that not all tips will be of use to all people.  The folks that visit this site have a wide range of angling skill levels and we will try to include something for just about everybody.  We're hoping that someone will get some useful information from them and want to discuss whether they helped or didn't.  Some will probably be able to improve on some of the tips and, hopefully, want to post their ideas here.  Discussion is key.  Feedback about the tips posted here could really help members catch more fish, utilize their time on the water more efficiently, and maybe even help save a few pennies along the way.

I ran into someone at the Big Ten Championship who had a great alternate suggestion on the spinnerbait tip for a band. Now I can't remember what it was (early in the morning before coffee). If you read this, please remind me what you suggestion was. I want to try it. Thanks!

Maybe if you used some girls, instead of Dan, we might be more apt to pay attention LOL. Other than that, I'll try any tip you guys give me, thanks


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