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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Set tipups sun afternoon, 12:30 38in 15lbs 2:15 31in 8lbs 5:15 32in 8lbs. I know there not bass but it's something to do.

Pretty good - I haven't done that in years. I always say I don't ice fish because I repair my marriage in the winter.

I was out last week.  Got a 31'' Pike, 6 bass, about a dozen nice gills and crappie.  Saw some nice walleyes on the camera but they wouldn't hit.  Ice wasn't quite thick enough to get to some of my good spots.  Next week I will be out every day.  Waiting for a chance to spear a few big ones this year.  Good luck. 

Where were you guys fishing?  I'm looking to get out next week...

I'm fishing on thompson lk in downtown Howell. Give me a hollar if you want to set tipups for big pike. There are alot of pike and some real big ones in this lake. Seen a few that would go 25lbs when we have been out there spearing over the years.


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