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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Just returned back to Lake Norman with our tails and Ranger in tow :).  Not my best trip most likely our worst.  Overcast and rain for all 4 days Oct. 2-6.  No more that 8 fish per boat any of the four days.  Most day 2-4 per boat plus a drum or so and few yellow perch.  Tuff not the word for it, wind good, Sun, Mon ,Tuesday but Wed it was from the east and NE but fishable. Weather same Thursday when we got up and calling for overcast.  We pack and haul bass back to NC.  Most likely make two or more trips this spring.  I told my co-hearts in crime it I ever get another trip in the fall to LSC to hit me in the head with a ball bat and take $700.00 for my wallet and I'll thank em when I wake up :) plus save 12 driving each way.  For sure see you guys and your wonderful lake in the spring if the Good Lord willing

Thanks so much for the report.  We can all be humbled.  I can have 100 fish days on Erie and then the next week struggle for no apparent reason.  That's why they call it fishing and not catching. 

Yes I know the fishing can be great that's why we drive 12 hours each way to fish. ;D We all remember the great days of over a 100 that's why we keep going. Have no fear we will be back in the spring one more or two more times.  Hope to hit em great and have some more of the 100 plus days.

60 mph north gusts on sept 23 and 14’ waves on Huron messed up the lake pretty bad for weeks.   Bad luck.


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