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Do you pour in the winter?


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I was wondering if others stop pouring when it gets cold out side or not?

I pour in my garage so when the temp drops it get hard to pour because everything has to get warmed up to pour anything right. So my pouring has come to a total stop for the next three to four months. I know some are lucky to have heated places to pour but not this old man!

I have not gotten into Lead pouring but I pour and shoot soft plastic baits in the winter.  I do have the luxury to have a salamander heater and a wood stove in my shed to heat it up for a day when I need to.

I pour year round... I have a fancy pour/paint station in my basement... Vented out the window.

Guess I need to invest in some heat for the old garage but then I'm not fishing right now so after the holidays I might get to work again pouring. 


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