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Weed guared glue

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Not sure I've tried Loctite? I've gone through lots of 'super' glue. For a while now I've been using a glue I picked up at an outdoor show a few years ago. As often happens when I like something, it got really hard to find but I've found I can still get it online from a hobby website.

It's called Lightning Bond and I've been getting it from drmikesglue.com. I can try Loctite because I keep thinking the Lightning Bond will disappear completely, probably when I most need a new bottle. It is more expensive but it's the first 'super' glue type substance that didn't harden to ruin after I opened it and used a small amount like so many super glues. It works very well on a lot more substances than many other glues I've tried. It doesn't work on everything.

If you don't seal it tight, under certain conditions, it can still get hard but only if you leave it partly open in real hot or real cold weather. It's only happened to me once after I guess I cut the top down so short that the lid didn't seal all the way and I left it in a hot area. Had to cut it down because I forgot to make sure the opening was clean a time or two.

Before I tried this brand I bet I've thrown away 200 containers of all kinds/brands of hardened super glue over the years... Just the frustration from having tight-sealed lids on super glues containers that I would go as far as storing double-bagged in heavy duty ziplock baggies still harden over the years about drove me crazy. Any super glue I keep upstairs where I do my occasional lure making/altering has always gone hard. It gets real hot and humid up there during the summer.

I've never tried epoxy for this. I rarely use it because it takes too long... ;D My severe patience deficiency... I did buy some 5-minute or similar epoxy to try some interesting lure alterations. I hope it hasn't gone bad... Forgot to check it. It will probably take me 10 years to use up a whole tube. It probably won't hold out that long...

I truly enjoy the jigs from 2K Jigs (Kustom Kicker) so much, that along with some of the cool custom jigs a few very nice people have let me try, I haven't tried to make my own weed-guard jigs in several years. Maybe if I get to making a tiny number of my few oddball homemade jigs at some point, I'll try the epoxy, if it hasn't gone bad by then, and I can force myself to be patient long enough... :D


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