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Weed guared glue

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I was wondering what the jig makers used to glue in their weed guards in with? I have been pouring mine in but wanted to start dipping the jigs in vinyl paint. It does not work well with the weed guards already in place. Just looking for some help I guess. Thank you for your time. Kelly

I use 5 minute epoxy.  Make probably 100 jigs a year.  Never had one fall out. 

Without doubt... This is the best choice... Don't over use.

I have been using super glue but worried about odder from the glue. It seems to take awhile for the odder to go away and was worried the bass would be able to detect it. I like Loctite products and think I will try it. Thank you all for your replies Kelly

No worries about smell.... I'm betting that is no worse than paint, plastic weedguard, or rubber skirt material.  :o


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