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LSC Next Week


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Going to be at LSC next Thursday evening through Sunday.  Staying in a house on the lake off of 11 mile.  Interested in any recent info on locating smallies.  Don?t need waypoints, but if you can provide some general areas to try, depth, baits and patterns that would be great.

Have been there many times, but never this late in the year.  Taking two buddies who have never been there, so would like to get them on some good fish to show them how good this lake can be.  Happy to provide my email if you would prefer to discuss that way.  Thanks a bunch!

Haven't been there in a few weeks. There's been some bass being caught in the river channels but most of what I've heard has been the typical deep, offshore flats - probably bass following bait schools. Both the Mile Roads and Ontario waters in that 18 fow plus or minus a couple feet.

Always some shallow fish can be found out there.  I posted a video a couple post below this one which will show you a couple places.  Staying at 11 mile you have some current and humps down there by the river channel.  Always fish there too during the summer and fall.  Early morning bite hit something like that, then move out to the deeper flats described by Mr. Kimmel.

Thanks for the info, guys!  Will report back after the trip.

Good luck.  Hope you stick some pigs.


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